A 240 sqm garden of a young family with three toddlers. The main consideration in the design was to provide several areas of entertainment for adults and children alike. The brief included a pool, dining area with BBQ, a small bathroom/garden store, outdoor shower and areas for sunbathing, dining and as much space as possible for the children to play. The garden had old citrus trees which we relocated but kept as part of the design, and positioned along the existing orchard walkway, typical in Lija. The pool was positioned on an elevated split level, making the area less accessible for the children. Distinct areas for each use are defined with materials and level changes, but the garden feels like one continuous space, surrounded by lush Mediterranean planting. The palette consists mainly of evergreens with different shades and textures; white and violet/blues are prominent as bloom colours. Herbs and scented plants are also woven into the design creating an interesting and pleasing garden for everyone. Project Team: Design by Melina Scodanibbio and Eliza Costabel