Situated in an area famous for its orchards, this is a typical example of a garden revamp which respects and emphasises the spirit and formal structure of the garden. The design intent was to highlight this formal character while reinterpreting it in a modern manner. The structure of the garden is given by the existing hard landscaping as well as the grid layout of the Citrus trees. Working around these predefined elements, the main goal was to soften the rigid lines with a simple design and a rich planting palette. Since the evergreen structure is given by the trees, the planting focused mainly on shrubs, grasses and ground covers. The planting style is mainly informal using soft textures, loose shapes and subtle colours. An exception to this are clipped forms of the 'cloud hedge' in one of the terraces - here the rounded shapes of Myrtus and Westringia are complemented by the pointed leaves of the Agave attenuata. Project Team: Design Melina Scodanibbio; Project Management Eliza Costabel: Implementation Peppe Micieli