• How does your process work?


We start each project by scheduling an appointment at your site to discuss your aspirations and vision, and to conduct a site evaluation.


After our meeting, we analyse the scope and time required to complete the design of your project and we present our fee proposal for the landscaping design.


Once you sign the proposal for our design, we start the concept phase with a “mood board” and illustrate schematically the layout of the plan, materials, planting styles and architectural features proposed. Depending on the scope and amount of hard-landscaping involved, we may propose a number of concept options and create a 3D model to better illustrate the design.


Having discussed and decided on a number of elements, we refine and develop the selected concept to its full identity and produce the final planting plan from the softscape areas as well as the scaled and detailed architectural plans for the hard landscaping areas. These are the design documents needed to obtain quotations for the construction of the garden.


Once the design phase is complete, we may begin the procurement, construction and implementation of the design and at that stage we provide our proposal with costings for the labour, materials and plants and our supervision. Once the implementation proposal is approved, we order plants and materials and execute the  design with our team of gardeners. For the hard landscaping elements we work with several contractors who we deem best suited to perform the work.


To ensure the longevity of your garden, at the end of each landscape implementation project, where required, we can offer either a professional monthly maintenance program, or a seasonal pruning and pest control treatment.

  • Can I choose just one of your services?

Ideally we like to be hired on full service terms so we can design a space and control the execution of the design and also provide maintenance services to ensure the proper upkeep of the garden. We can however provide only design services.

  • We are architects/developers. Can you work on large projects?

Prior to joining forces to set up The Garden Studio, each member of our team worked on urban and commercial projects of large scale. We are fully competent in visual and technical communication and can liaise with architects, developers and builders.

  • What is hard landscaping and soft landscaping?

Hard landscaping refers to any part of the design of a landscape which is not a plant. Hence any architectural features which need to be built, such as walkways, water features, ponds, planters, pergolas etc., or exterior lighting or furniture and accessories, fall under the hard landscaping umbrella. All plant material, from the seedling to the tree and everything in-between is part of soft landscaping.

  • How much is your first consultation?

Our first site meeting is free.

  • How much will my project cost?

Our design fees are calculated based on size, scope and time required to complete the design. It is only once the design is fully developed with BOQs that we can work on obtaining quotations for materials and labour, and only at that stage we are in a position to present the proposal for the full cost of the execution of the design.

  • Can you supervise the implementation of your design if I buy my own plants and use my gardener?

While we can provide “design only” services, as a design & build landscaping studio, we supervise the implementation only if we procure plants and materials and personally execute our designs. This is the only way we can ensure quality and efficiency. 

  • Will plants or materials bought through you cost me more than if I had to buy them myself?

We source plants, materials, furniture and accessories both locally and from the rest of the world. Our focus is on uniqueness and quality at the best price we can possibly get.