Whether restyling existing gardens or creating brand new ones, the entire aspect of design and implementation is taken care of and supervised, with each project being unique and tailored to meet the requirements of each specific site and client. Our landscaping projects infuse your setting with atmosphere, combining nature with functional design. 


With a wide knowledge of plants and passion for nature, a lot of attention is given to the adaptability of species both to the specific areas as well as the visual and aesthetic surroundings. Plants are carefully selected and combined for year-round enjoyment and are holistically integrated with the hard landscaping elements.


To create a cohesive outdoor experience, our designs integrate all needed architectural elements such as walkways, water features, pools, pergolas etc. We either custom design or specify and source the best suited materials to make each project aboslutely unique.


We don't stop at what is locally available and anyone can have! With a keen interest in sustainability and water conservation, we source unique plants which are suitable for our Mediterranean climate from trusted suppliers worldwide with the aim to to create bespoke gardens.


Out goal is to create a 360˚outdoor experience. We believe furniture and accessories are an integral part in the enjoyment of a garden. As part of our services we can source furniture and accessories specifically tailored to your project from a vast selection of local and international suppliers.


We offer consultation on existing plants and trees at your site and devise ways to rectify any problems. We implement our designs, with an in-depth understanding of plant needs, drainage, weed control, seasonal changes and soil condition. We also design and implement irrigation systems tailored to the individual needs of all the plants in the design.


We provide post-implementation maintenance, on a per-need basis or with seasonal or yearly contracts to ensure the longevity of your investment and enjoyment of your garden. Our maintenance services range from weeding, to mulching, fertilising, pruning, irrigation tuning, and general plant health.




We are qualified professionals with years of experience in all the fields needed to create a holistic landscape in a coordinated, knowledgeable and efficient manner. We are passionate about transforming dull or untouched areas into urban sanctuaries and personal retreats. Whether you’re after formal beauty or a play with creative ideas, together we’ll make your vision come true. 

The Girlboss


Eliza has over 14 years experience designing interiors, outdoor spaces and branded environments gained at Gensler in Los Angeles and later at her design studio in LA, Kenya and now Malta. During her years at Gensler she worked on high profile and very large scale projects and since the set up of her studio in 2006, she has been designing both residential and commercial projects in architectual and landscaping design in a large variety of locations and styles, and spanning the whole process from concept to implementation. Eliza is in charge of management and the creative direction of the company. She holds a BFA (Hons) degree in Interior Architecture from California State University.


Interior Architect / Creative Director

The Landscaping Wiz


Of Italian-South African heritage, Carmine has over 12 years experience acquired in India, South Africa and the UK as Senior Landscape Designer in upscale residential and public gardens. Carmine is both superbly artistic and hands-on, bringing to each project flair and knowledge in planting, design and coordination. Carmine has assisted in the design of 2 gold Medal displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and in 2018 he was given the opportunity to take over from James Basson the design of the John O’Connor exhibit where he won a 5 gold Star Award. Carmine is a graduate in Horticultural Science from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, SA.


Landscape Designer

The Plant Guru


With over 24 years experience, after his university graduation, Christoph moved to Malta from 1993 to 1997 to become the island’s first Landscape Designer at a local nursery and leading its internal team in all stages of planning, design, tendering and execution on more than 300 projects. In these years he also lectured at the faculty of architecture at the University of Malta. For the past 20 years Christoph has been collaborating as Senior Landscape Architect and expert on Mediterranean flora, working on a vast number of large commercial projects in Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Majorca. Christoph has authored several prominent academic publications, plant catalogues, magazine articles as well as the Import Regulations on Invasive Plant Species for Malta’s Public Works Department. Christoph holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Osnabrück in Germany and is an active member of the Mediterranean Garden Society.


Landscape Architect